About me

I use my creation of art and conceptual design as a vehicle for exploration. It’s an exploration for knowledge and beauty, for understanding and for truth.

It’s an exploration of life.

I’ve always been surrounded by the arts - literature, theatre, dance, fashion, sculpture, and painting. At university I studied the arts. I am self taught as well.

I also gain much of my inspiration from travel. Living in Paris, I was exposed to the profound beauty of the architecture, and the city, the way it breathes and the people. This moved me greatly. I remember my surprise seeing the ground frost on the morning desert in Morocco, only to learn it was residual salt from the ocean that used to be. Riding the Orient Express from Budapest to Istanbul was wild and exciting, watching my fellow travelers and guessing at where they were going.

My travels have stirred my imagination from Nas Rocas off the coast of Brazil, to historic Brugge Belgium, to the mountains of Guatemala. The wondrous sights, sounds and smells of new and foreign places, the texture and character of different landscapes, and the beauty of diversity with harmony all come together to propel the production of my art.

I look forward to sharing many more explorations, adventures and creations with you. Come join me on my blog and thanks for visiting my site.